When “virtual” isn’t always best…

when virtual isnt always best - insta.jpg

…Not all of the time anyhow.

Today I spent the majority of my day on the road, catching up with clients.

Whilst my sub-conscious screamed at me “what about your to-do list woman?”, it was actually nice to get out from the same four walls of the office and see some different scenery – and I’m not going to lie, the pulled-pork panini I had over today’s lunch meeting was a little bit special! (thank you #CosyClub Exeter!).

In, what has become, a speed and tech driven world, we often utilise the array of options available to us (telephone, email, text, video calling) to complete our business communications and tasks, at the fastest pace, from the convenience of our office chair.

But what about the more traditional means?  When was the last time you made the effort to meet your clients in person?  What are the benefits of a face to face meeting?

  1. Meeting in person allows you to show your true personality: Your positive behaviour and body language will result in positive reactions from your client towards you.  This in turn helps builds trust, loyalty and a strong relationship.
  2. Clients appreciate it: Ok, I know time on the road means less work completed in the office, but most of your clients will appreciate your efforts.  It makes for a good impression – if you have made the effort to visit it shows that you appreciate their custom.  Thus strengthening your relationship and their loyalty towards you further.

With the advances in todays technology, our ability to complete work “virtually” and seamlessly for our clients is amazing…but we need to remember the power of human interaction, face to face communication and the positive results this can have in strengthening our relationships with our clients.

Best wishes, EVA